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Team Challenge Workshop

Do You Want Your Team To Feel Like A Team Again?

Bring It

Is It Time To Re-energize Your Work Force?

This highly experiential workshop is designed to stimulate self-motivated shifts in belief systems, attitudes and behaviors.

This customizable workshop offers:

Group Excerises - Personal Challenges - Social Pattern Recognition - Life Evaluation Techniques - Honest Feedback From Peers - And More...

All in a safe, non-threatening environment!

Every participant engages in unique activity sessions that provoke deep, critical, self-examination and discovery.

Your Employees Will...

This program is so intense it will help your employees experience exponential growth in all major areas of their lives:

Professional - Personal - Family - Social

Your employees will change the way they live and work resulting in increased productivity in the workplace!

If you're ready to take your organization to a whole new level, CLICK HERE NOW to request more information.

Ask about the "Fire Walk Challenge" add-on option.

Turn your fear into POWER!


Click here to see a fire walk video!!!

The climax to an incredible day of self-discovery or as a stand-alone evening event. Step Up and walk across a 1250-degree bed of red-hot coals. Once and for all, your team will smash the illusion of self-doubt, fear and limitations. This is the best team bonding experience available! If you're reading this and saying to yourself, "Hey, I'm just an ordinary person, I can't do this," then this experience is for YOU! If you continue to do as you have always done you will continue to produce the same results. Isn't it time to take massive action?

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