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Living, Super Soaring, Guest Service Seminar

Specifically Designed For The Gaming Industry, "Living, Super Soaring, Guest Service", Is A Unique, Fast Paced, Guest Service Program. A One-Hour, Three Act Play Features, Super-Pete: Guardian of Guest Service: The Protector of Phenomenal Experiences. Petey The Pirate: Captain Kill Joy, The Eraser of Ethics, The Plunder of Professionalism And The King Of Heart: Royal Ruler of Respectful Relationships, Emperor of Empathy And The King of Compassion.

The Play Opens With Super-Pete Addressing The Need To Project A Professional Positive Image:

Subjects Include:

Having Fun.

Exceeding Your Guest's Expectations

What Industry You Are Actually In?

The Importance of Staying In Character.

Super Pete

Petey The Pirate Is Next: He Conducts A Serious But Fun Discussion About Sinking The Boat!

Subjects Include:

The Toxic Effects of Gossip.

Negativity In The Workplace.

The Importance of Working Together.

Petey the Pirate

Last, But Certainly Not Least, Is The King Of Heart:

Subjects Include:

Discovering Your Values & Living Your Principles.

Increasing Positive, Meaningful And Effective Guest Interaction Communication

Seeking Opportunities To Make A Difference.

Managing Internal And External Negativity.

Taking Care Of Yourself And Others.

King of Heart

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