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Guest Service Guru Game Show

Guest Service Guru

Learning and information retention are at their peak when people are:

  1. Engaging in memorable experiences.
  2. Enjoying their learning experiences.
  3. Hearing dominant messages again and again via repetition.

As a stand-alone workshop or as a follow-up to prior “Guest Service Magic” training, this unique, dynamic guest service reinforcement program combines all three learning advantages.

A few days before the game show extravaganza each participant is given a handout covering all the essentials for delivering “Guest Service Magic”.  This customizable handout may also include any internal information you want reinforced as well!  Participants are encouraged to study the information carefully and be fully prepared as they may be chosen to actively engage in the event.  All those who attend this experiential workshop will have an opportunity to win cash as well as other valuable prizes but they must come prepared.

Using a game show concept as a platform for learning, your team members will actively participate in fun activities that reinforce key “Guest Service Magic” winning principles.  Those who excel will be crowned with the title of “Guest Service Guru”

Get Your Team Into The Game And Create Your Own Guest Service Gurus!

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