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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How many people attend your seminars?

A – I have had the pleasure to work with groups as small as 30 and as large as 1,000 participants. I work with you to insure that your needs are met. Pricing is not dependent on how many participants you bring. For instance, if you had 100 team members attend my Guest Service Magic Seminar, your investment per person would only be $24 per individual!

Q – Why Hire You?

A – I will always put YOUR success over securing MY next contract with you!

Consultants basically teach similar skill sets. My Difference? I will always be straight up with you and your organization. I bring over 40 years of "Real World" professional experience from various industries, great value for your investment, the highest quality of customer service, content-driven work designed for and delivered to your workforce with tremendous passion and positive energy, and solid support on the back end to help provide for your continued success. I give you all this and more!

Q – Do you work with Native American Casinos?

A – Yes, I have worked with more than 35 Native American Properties. Check out my References Page.

Q – Do You Guarantee Results?

A – I guarantee that when you utilize the tools, tips, strategies, techniques and methodologies I bring, you will have a more productive cohesive team who takes greater pride not only in their property but perhaps more importantly in itself. Your revenues will dramatically increase and your Internet reviews will sing the praise of your new attitude and increased level of professionalism. Some of my programs do come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Contact me and I will tell you more.

Q – We are not Involved In the Hospitality Industry. How can You help Us?

A –I have had the privilege of helping many Individuals & organizations to evolve & increase their over-all success. Check out my References Page.

Q – What Do You Charge?

A – All of my pricing is available for you to see on the Rates Page.

Your ultimate success has always and will always rest in your hands.

If You Have A Question I Invite You To Contact Me Now.