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You're here because you're searching for ways to create a healthier and more profitable organization. As you fully explore my website you'll find that you are in the right place to realize the exponential growth that you seek.

Peter Scott Peter Scott

I created Peter Scott's Competitive Edge because I wanted to achieve compassionate, healthy influence, globally, while also teaching real world success principles and skills.

I am a humanitarian who always puts people over economics. My objective is to make the world a better place, one interaction at a time. My highly interactive Guest Service / Leadership seminars and workshops are Content Driven, Introspective and Motivational. I design each program to meet the unique challenges of my clients and when appropriate, I will include magic and additional interactive learning tools in order to maximize participants' long-term retention. More than telling people what to do or showing them how to do it, I will actually involve participants in the learning process.

The reason “My Style” is so effective is that all of my programs are Content Centered, Highly Experiential, Interactive, Entertaining, Motivational, and Emotive. Many participants still remember my key points years after participating in the program. My programs are uniquely engineered to meet your Organization's Needs.

I do my homework!!! I personally work with you and your team to create just the right program producing the best possible results. You Will See Your Learners' Retention and Application of The Materials Taught Being Applied Immediately. I have been in the Hospitality Business most of my life. I am a professional who is Real, Passionate, Ethical, Honest, Principle Based and Committed to Excellence. I Always Tell My Clients The Truth.

Blessed with the gift of being able to connect and communicate with people in very human ways, I am a straight talker who understands the importance of listening. I ask people to “Look in the Mirror” and take personal & collective responsibility for their actions and outcomes. I can be extremely motivational & funny; I can also be extremely serious if the situations arise. I AM NOT A DINNER, KEYNOTE, or a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER.

I Am A Teacher & Absolutely Love What I Do!